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Farmland monitoring, pesticide spraying system and fertilizing

Agro Eagle Farmland Drone System

Agro-Eagle is an aerial platform that provides the ability to obtain aerial pictures using platform mounted cameras and other sensors. Therefore, it can deploy multiple sensors and capture high-resolution images of crop conditions for a low cost. Captured images can range from visible (color) through near-infrared to the infrared spectrum. This helps to examine various elements of the plant.

Agro-Eagle is an efficient and essential tool for farming purposes. With the use of sensors, Agro-Eagle can identify which portion of the field is receiving excessive or insufficient water. It collects data from various crops in a short period with a low-cost approach. Crop health, crop treatment, crop scouting, irrigation, field soil analysis, and crop damage assessments are all supported by the use of collected information. Agro-Eagle provides the ability for farmers to collect data and analyze it in real-time. These factors help to provide sustainable farming and increase overall farm productivity and profitability.

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Soil Monitoring

We help you to monitor your farmland soil condition like soil moisture level, soil PH level, Soil NPK level at the real time from anywhere and anytime.

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Weather Monitoring

You can monitor your farmland weather conditions at the realtime from anywhere and anytime and make efficient decisions to increase your crop productivity.

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Crop Monitoring

We help you to monitor your crops and make your crops healthy with automate agriculture and utilize your resources without affecting the productivity.

Drone Features

Agro-eagleĀ can map the land, provide crop health reports, increase spraying accuracy, trackĀ irrigation systems, and more. In addition, it can gather and analyze data in real-time.

Beautiful Interface Design

It has a user-friendly interface that enables you to map a fly effortlessly from the field.

Unlimited Features

It is efficient and easy-to-fly. This includes visual scouting and in-depth crop analysis

Full free chat

Our team of professionals is there to help you with your inquiries by chat, phone, or email.

24/7 support by real people

A 24/7 live support line is provided to assist our customers with interruption-free service

Retina ready graphics

The images captured provides vivid and bright colours to display high resolution images

IOS & android version

Agro-eagle is user-friendly and, it is compatible with android and IOS versions

About Studio

From monitoring plant emergence through pre-harvest yield prediction and drainage planning for the upcoming seasons,
Agro-eagle offers value throughout the growing season.And it aids farmers in gaining more precise
agricultural information and planning and managing their operations.

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