Agro-guard assist farmers in detecting pests using weather, pest and location data. It provides personalized pest prediction and Eco-Friendly remedies

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Agro Guard Crop Pest Prediction & Analysis

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Agro-guard uses environmental information like climate data, pest data, and geographical data as input to aid in pest prediction. The model's accuracy improves as a period of five or seven days passes before the projected value arrives, giving users enough time to plan their actions and lower the bug population. It also can predict prospective field conditions and give farmers the best possible working environment. Furthermore, farmers can schedule their efforts over a set amount of time. Later, farmers will have the chance to analyze their priorities and decide which locations to visit first on using pesticides.

Agro-guard seeks to develop cutting-edge research to enhance decision-making in the long-term control of insect pests and illnesses by providing pest and disease monitoring and prediction information. It predicts pests using weather, pest and location data. Agro-guard provides the users with the correct pesticide with the right quantity at the right time.

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Weather Data

We help you plan operations better, such as irrigation and fertilization schedules, or forecast disease outbreaks using weather data.

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Pest Data

We assist you in obtaining high-quality outcomes using pest data by avoiding unnecessary chemical pesticides sprayed on the crop and limiting pesticide dosages.

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Location Data

We assist you by presenting real-time information regarding soil, crop, and weather conditions by utilizing location information.

Benefits Of Using Agro-guard

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Eco-Friendly Remedies

  • Eco-friendly remedies help you to maintain a healthier and eco-friendly environment.

  • These remedies last long for more than 30 days and help you in successfully eliminating pests.

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Pest Prediction Reports
via Mobile & SMS

  • Short messaging service (SMS) is available to those who do not have access to the Internet.

  • We offer mobile applications for those with an internet connection and, this allows you to engage with information.

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Right Pesticide With Right Quantity

  • We provide the correct pesticide to help you to produce larger crops in less area.

  • We provide an appropriate quantity of pesticides to increase your agricultural income by reducing labour expenses.

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Early prediction of crop disease

  • We will provide significant assistance to you in preventing the spread of these insects by recommending appropriate insecticides.

  • This will allow you to produce high yield crops along with prevention measures.

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Personalized Pest Predictions

  • We're committed to providing our customers with the pest-control advice and treatments they require during pest identification.

  • It aids in the development of pest management tactics that lower the amount of pesticide used.

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Reduce In Crop Wastage

  • It helps increase food availability for the world's expanding population while reducing the quantity of land required for production.

  • This will allow you to save money and energy.

About Studio

Agro-guard assists you in early prediction of pest attacks. It reduces the overall quantity of inputs you expect to utilize while
increasing crop output and making in-field equipment more efficient. It helps you to save both
resources and the environment at the same time.

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