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Automate irrigation system, pesticide spraying system and fertilizing

Agro Mate Farmland Automation System

Agro-Mate is an automation system with many sensors consisting of a combination of hardware and software that serves as a supervisor in charge of irrigation and other associated operations of agriculture, it is an automated irrigation system that continually measures the moisture level in the soil. The Automated irrigation system may use to irrigate the farmland with different irrigation needs. While the system is primarily intended for agricultural irrigation, it may use for automated plant watering and livestock.

Agro-Mate is easy to accommodate because the size of the land to be watered may change, the usage of the land to be irrigated may vary, and the moisture need in the land may vary, the automated irrigation system may be customized to meet any desired form of irrigation. Home gardens, agriculture, and mass cultivation that require watering can benefit from using the automated irrigation system with less manual labor and reduced cost.

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Agro Mate Irrigation Automation System

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An automated irrigation system automates the operation of a system without the need for human intervention.
Electronic appliances and detectors like as computers, timers, sensors, and other mechanical equipment
Automate every irrigation system including Drip, Sprinkler, and Surface watering.

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Soil Monitoring

We help you to monitor your farmland soil condition like soil moisture level, soil PH level, Soil NPK level at the real time from anywhere and anytime.

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Weather Monitoring

You can monitor your farmland weather conditions at the realtime from anywhere and anytime and make efficient decisions to increase your crop productivity.

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Crop Monitoring

We help you to monitor your crops and make your crops healthy with automate agriculture and utilize your resources without affecting the productivity.

Agro Mate Farmland Automation System

Agro-Mate solves many kinds of problems related to irrigation and agriculture. Various sensors are installed to analyze the moisture and the temperature value of the soil. This provides an accurate measurement of the natural resources required. Agro-mate supports farmers to save time by distributing water efficiently through nozzles on a daily scheduled basis preventing under-watering and over-watering issues. It also helps to reduce costs by saving water as well as energy. It helps soil to restore moisture and humidity. With the use of Agro-Mate, increased government attempts to improve water management, and automatic irrigation scheduling can be done.