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Our Mission is to initiate changes that are positive in the agricultural industry with solutions that drive sustainable food production.

We make the effort to build what is right, not what seems obvious. We are an organization of innovative people whose skill and discipline filters into every part of what we do. We continuously dissect and evaluate ideas and processes against real data in order to plan and build for the long term.

What We Provide

We provide you fun and friendly environment where you will be challenged, rewarded and inspired

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Flexible Work Arrangements

We provide our staff with more flexibility in terms of how well they execute their job responsibilities by giving them greater control over the schedule.

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Learning And Personal Growth

We provide guidance and financial assistance for your higher education and professional development. To motivate the staff, we hold meetings and workshops.

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Positive Working Environment

We consist of a highly positive workplace where our employees enjoy and are passionate about their job and exhibit personal and professional values.

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Purpose And Independence

We are innovative people who are passionate about ensuring the value we create ultimately ends up on the farm. We are the world's largest Independent farm Data Platform with a unique ecosystem that is critical to our clients.

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Global Impact

Our practically, resourcefulness and grit ensure we make the most of what we have , to achieve the the things that others wouldn't think possible. What we achieve has a high impact on farmers and other agricultural professionals on a daily basis, and on a global scale.

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We take the time to listen and comprehend what each other is saying. As individuals, teams and leaders we use chances to help each other. this a great opportunity for enhance each other's knowledge, skill and production, you can leverage multiple Sectors.

We Thrive On A Culture Based On


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A Place that values transformation

We seek to improve people's lives by strengthening the workplace culture. The firm values its social responsibility and invests in its workers to prepare them for a brighter future. We offer cutting-edge technology as well as extensive industry knowledge. We improve the company alignment with the business strategy and vision by changing procedures and people with the company offering the best.

Family-like work environment

A family-oriented culture is our secret recipe for teamwork. This is a one-of-a-kind place to work, with its own set of organizational ideas, and we strive to make you feel right at home. It will provide a workplace where multiple teams collaborate to create incomparable results while enhancing job quality.

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For those who want to change the world

We are delighted and would like to have you onboard on these positions to play a vital role in our company

Mobile Developer

We are looking for a driven and motivated Mobile developer who can help us deliver great outcomes. Read More....

Blockchain Developer Internship

We are providing a Blockchain developer Internship Program for enthusiastic students. Read More....

Graphic Designer

We are on the lookout for a graphic designer who is aware of the current trends in graphic designing.

Test Automation

We are looking for an automation engineer who will become a vital player in our expanding company.

Data Scientist Internship

We are looking for a passionate Data Scientist Intern to develop life-changing software solutions with us.

Mobile App Developer Internship

We are looking for a strong mobile app developer intern who welcomes both engineering and maintenance tasks.

Web Developer Internship

We are looking for a passionate Web Developer Intern to design and develop life changing web applications with us.

Project Manager Internship

We are looking for a passionate Project Manager Intern to design and develop life-changing software solutions with us.

Quality Assurance Internship

We are looking for a Quality Assurance intern who will become a vital player in our dynamic start-up environment.

Software Engineer Internship

We are looking for a passionate Software Engineer Intern to design and develop life-changing software solutions with us.

Research & Development Internship

We are looking for a Research and Development Intern to research on new technologies and working with the design.

Machine Learning Engineer Internship

We are looking for a passionate Machine Learning Engineer Intern to design and develop life-changing machine learning models with us.

If you are interested in being considered for future opportunities within our growing team at Elzian Agro, please send your CV through to HR