Traceability in Agriculture

Agriculture traceability is a popular concept these days in the farming industry.Traceability systems may assist farmers and other stakeholders in tracing their products across the supply chain, allowing them to identify possible bottlenecks and improve systems in real time. Every farm should have a traceability system in place that allows the producer to monitor the produce from field to customer.

Traceability plays an important function in assisting firms in becoming more competitive in both the domestic and global markets. It is not an option to adopt traceability. It's a matter of figuring out how to accomplish this in the most effective way possible, as well as how to seize the chances that are opening up. There is a variety of reasons to invest in traceability, but we've categorized them into four categories.

Key Features In our Traceability Software

  • End-to-end Supply Chain Traceability
  • Patented, non-replicable QR code stickers
  • Customisable, tamper-proof, and weather-resistant labels
  • QR codes that can be scanned only using EA’s app to prevent counterfeiting

How do We Empower Agribusinesses And Farmers

  • Ensure brand credibility and increased consumer confidence
  • Develop, meet, and maintain quality standard for exports
  • Market certified brand of produce while preventing counterfeiting
  • Enable buyers to verify the authenticity of produce by scanning a unique QR-code
  • Fetch the right price for the producers with certifications of quality

Why do you need to invest in traceability?

Four Phases of Emergence Planning in Traceability

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Traceability allows for more insight into a supply chain, allowing for better preparedness in the event that something goes wrong.

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Traceability enhances the agility of all stakeholders responses in the event that something goes wrong at anytime.

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Traceability enables the industry and authorities to retain or re-establish customer confidence in the safety and resilience of products.

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Through root cause analysis, traceability enables for the assessment of the problem's causality, averting future problems.

The importance of traceability is growing. As firms attempt to improve their skills to feed the world's rising population, the global food supply chain has become a tangled web. While food safety issues are uncommon, when they do arise, time is of the essence since public health and lives as well as the livelihoods of industries, companies, and employees, are on the line. The Global Food Traceability Center aims to help businesses better understand and execute methods for tracking and tracing items' journeys through the food chain to improve food safety and security.