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smart agriculture on smartphones image Posted on November 25, 2021 - Author (Lilan Dayananda)
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Lilan Dayananda

Co-Founder & Managing Director
Certified Agribusiness Practitioner


At present ,in this fast paced world, technology plays a key role and is widely available to everyone. The main forms of technology used for farming and household are communication and mobile technology. More than 5 to 6 billion people can be found using mobile phones. Moreover , almost 94% of farmers use mobile phones, especially in developing countries, where mobile phones may be the only available widespread computing and communication technology. If regarded from a positive perspective , the rising number of mobile phone users reveals the fact that mobile technology can be used to help farmers improve their agricultural production. In the field of farming, the advancement in technology had opened many avenues for farmers. It is evident that one of the most dramatic changes in the use of mobile devices for agricultural purposes is the development of monitoring protocols and systems.

No doubt that ELZIAN AGRO paves the way for the betterment of farmers by boosting the productivity, lowering the operating costs and increasing profits. The mobile application created by us as a supporting feature for our main application will provide a great relief to our farmers who transform our country into a self - sufficient one.

Needless to say that Farm work which is carried out under the blazing sun cannot be done from an air - conditioned room. Farmers accustomed to the sun's rays lead a life away from their computers and laptops, but with ELZIAN AGRO mobile app they can get the access to the ELZIAN AGRO account from anywhere.

Speaking of its advantages , with ELZIAN AGRO mobile app you can add reminders and check notifications. It allows you to add reminders for registrations of mechanization, meetings, contracts, or other activities. ELZIAN AGRO reminds you of the due dates. You are allowed to add documents, pictures or contracts. Moreover, the App enables you to manage your plantations, fields and check weather conditions. Most importantly, with the ELZIAN AGRO mobile application in your pocket, you can engage in activities. In addition, if you want to track expenses on each field or track spent item quantities, you can fulfil your need with our mobile application. ELZIAN AGRO mobile app will be made available soon for Android and iOS for free.