AGRICULTURE WITH DRONE Posted on 22 June 2022 - Author (Thejani Mahanama)
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Thejani Mahanama

HND in Information Technology (SLIATE)
Networking Engineer at ELZIAN AGRO

As you all know, agriculture is the existence of all the people of the world. It has become a crucial part of human life because the survival of every human being depends on one of its basic needs; food. Agriculture must grow to meet the growing population and their demands.

The new technology can be used to facilitate the agricultural industry to meet the needs of growing population. Utilizing IoT (Internet of Things) smart farming can increase the efficiency of the agricultural industry, reduce cost, reduce waste, increase yields and improve quality crops. Technology has changed over time, and the agricultural drone is a prime example.

How Drones help farmers

There are many benefits of using drones for agriculture and it is useful in finding adequate solutions for many of the farmer’s problems. That is from an increase in yield to a reduction in labour. Although the use of drones for spraying crops is new to our country, many countries such as China and the United States, as well as the European Union, have started using drones for spraying crops with the relaxation of drone laws.

Chemical spraying by hand is a difficult task which is time-consuming and more harmful to the human body. Therefore, the use of drone technology eliminates harmful effects of chemicals on humans and provides a highly efficient process. Another advantage of using drones for crop spraying is that drones can easily reach areas that are inaccessible to farmers.

The drone technology data helps farmers make better decisions while using resources more efficiently to maintain and improve yields. Drones also allow farmers to quickly and frequently access crop data, including plant identification, soil quality testing, and irrigation problems.

Using remote sensing technology, farmers can easily identify areas where non-crop production of quality crops is possible and work out solutions in targeted areas. This will improve the quality of crops, increase the yield, and save money.

The use of drone technology reduces pollution and climate change. Therefore, drone technology is helping farmers in the fight against climate change. The use of drones to monitor water requirements and irrigate is of great support to the farmer. The technology can detect moisture temperature, and humidity and provide that data to farmers. Aerial sowing can be done on large farms. You can efficiently sow seeds in acres in a very short time. This minimizes human labour and meets more needs at a lower cost.

Drone technology is already utilized by many farmers in our country so it is not difficult to spread it and many farmers are turning to it. Elzian Agro is easily lined up to provide farmers with efficient and profit-oriented solutions and they can have necessary guidance to all problems.