Can Digital Agriculture Save Money to Farmers?

Lilans Blog - 3.png Posted on 10 Feb 2022 - Author (Lilan Dayananda)
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Lilan Dayananda

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Digitization of agriculture is the only method one can follow inorder to increase the competitiveness of agricultural production in a short time, even during the first two years of implementation. Most of the other solutions of improving farming productivity often take a long time over 10 years to give their full effects. Experience shows that use of digital agriculture solutions during the first two years has already helped farmers to increase their profitability from 50% up to 100%. Higher earnings supported by digitalization make agriculture more attractive while providing the best motivation for the new generation of farmers to take over the family business and expand their farms.

Digitization Prevents Triple Losses on Farms

Digital solutions have become a great help in giving excellent benefits to farmers in terms of avoiding the triple loss they have during the year. Farmers experience their first loss while planning the production. It is impossible to optimally calculate the necessary inputs for the season, without precise data such as soil quality and actual crop needs for the season. According to the proven results of many studies and our confirmation with thousands of famers who are using our software for managing farm production, digitalization and precision agriculture reduce losses on fertilizers, crop protection, and other inputs in production even up to 30 percent.

The wrong judgment of farmers when to apply agricultural practices is the major reason for the second loss during the season. Late crop protection against pests and disease causes 20 to 40 percent yield losses every year. This has been identified as one of the main reasons which impacts on yields. However, digital solutions have become a great help for farmers when making timely decisions based on facts and the real-time situation in fields. For example, ELZIAN AGRO continuously monitors weather conditions on fields and alerts farmers when there is a risk of bad weather or any signs of pests and diseases.

Farmers experience their third loss while selling the product when the price for their crops depends on actual quality and ability to guarantee food safety. The demand to prove the traceability of food is growing, both from consumers and retailers who buy directly from farmers. Farmers need to showcase each product when and where it was planted, how it was treated and its nutritive value. Therefore, in order to show the transparency of this information, digitization of each stage of production is essential.

The experience of farmers is important when digitizing the steps of production. It removes triple losses in farming production, gives results which can be measured, and helps farmers gain more profit and secure a better life. Implementation of digital solutions is not difficult. Farmers can start using them fast despite the size of their production. ELZIAN AGRO Automation Solutions are available on computers and smart mobile phones which can be easily operated. The only thing that the farmers have to do is to keep their discipline to enter data regulary. All the other details such as information and suggestions to warning alarms are provided by the platform itself. The greatest advantage of this is, with a simple motivation, farmers will be able to get 50%-100% profit in their pockets.