SAVIOR OF REAL FARMERS IN SRI LANKA Posted on 22 July 2022 - Author (Thejani Mahanama)
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Thejani Mahanama

HND in Information Technology (SLIATE)
Networking Engineer at ELZIAN AGRO

Farming is the occupation of many people in Sri Lanka. Farm business has assumed greater importance not only in developed and commercial agriculture all around the world but also in developing and subsistence types of agriculture. A farm manager must not understand different methods of agricultural production, but also he must be concerned with their costs and returns. He must know how to allocate scarce productive resources on the farm business to meet his goals and at the same time react to economic forces that arise from both within and outside the farm.

For the owner who runs a farm, there are a number of aspects to the farm that need to be addressed. A farm can have many things such as animal husbandry, crop cultivation, and ornamental floriculture, mushroom cultivation. Maintaining a farm is a really difficult task. When planting a seedling, it is essential to take care of the fertility of the soil as well as to provide timely water for their cultivation. Watering the plant is a must when growing crops. At the same time, in animal husbandry on the farm, they must be provided with the food they need and the cleaning of their habitat. Greenhouses can be found on most farms. Even the work in the greenhouses should be done in a very systematic manner.

It takes a lot of time for a farmer to complete one task on his farm. For example, it takes a long time for a farmer to provide water for his plants. Then he has very little time to spend on the rest of the work on the farm. His income decreases as efficiency decreases. There is no way to quickly become aware of an emergency. For example , in the event of a fire, such as a disaster on the farm, there is no safety system in place to quickly alert and minimize the disaster. The loss to the farm due to the inability to know such a disaster situation is immense. There is no way to even know about a person or animal that is trespassing on the farm at night. For this reason, the security of the farm is very low.

Greenhouses can be found on most farms. Even the work in the greenhouses should be done in a very systematic manner. Solving the problems mentioned earlier is not a difficult task in modern times. The farmer does not need to go to the farm to water his plants and can water himself from his own house. The farmer can monitor the temperature, and humidity of the environment and send the data to the database. A security system can also be created to notify the owner in the event of a disaster such as a farm fire. A security system can be put in place to alert the farmer if an outsider or animal enters. Therefore, you can easily and cheaply get such an essential, useful and secure system from Elzian Agro to your farm. And if you have any other requirements, we have the ability to look into them and provide a highly functional system to your farm.